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$35 million gift from alumni Joe and Rika Mansueto to establish Institute for Urban Innovation

The Division of the Social Sciences is the birthplace of the Chicago School of Urban Sociology, among other longstanding traditions of complex interdisciplinary research focused on cities and their populations. Division faculty will play a critical, collaborative role in the new Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation.

UChicago News Office:

$35 million gift will support creation of institute to advance urban scholarship and education 

Terence Turner, anthropologist and human rights advocate for indigenous people, 1935-2015

Prof. Emeritus Terence Turner, a UChicago anthropologist who did research in the Amazon basin and became a proponent for the rights of indigenous people, died Nov. 7 in Ithaca, N.Y. He was 79. In 1962 Turner began working among the Kayapo, who live in small villages in central Brazil—returning to the area on an almost annual basis. His research covered topics such as social organization and kinship; myth, ritual and history; political organization and mobilization; values and inter-ethnic...

Projects of Improvement in the shadow of Yellow Mountain

Wu yue guilai bu kan shan, huangshan guilai bu kan yue. “If you have seen the five famous mountains, you don't need to see any other mountain. [But] if you have seen Yellow Mountain, you don't need to see the five famous mountains.” This Chinese saying describes the legendary beauty of Yellow Mountain, which is located in southern Anhui province. Although Yellow Mountain (Huangshan) is spoken of as a singular 'mountain,' it actually is the highest peak of a low-lying and widespread mountain range which covers almost 3,800 square miles.