Department of Anthropology

Call for Papers: Crossing Interdisciplinary Boundaries Working Group

The newly formed Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries Working Group will host its inaugural event on September 22, 2017 from 9am-5pm in Saieh Hall for Economics rm. 146. The day-long event will include research presentations by UChicago doctoral students and discussion by faculty members from departments other than the students' home unit. Built into the day will also be a round table discussion on ways to cultivate cross-department collaboration.

Lecture: In the Shadow of De-Industrialization // Rosalind C. Morris

Description: In the electrified world, the withdrawal of electricity may be experienced as a loss and a violence of the most profound sort, one that threatens to catapult those who must survive in its aftermath into something like a prehistorical state.  And yet, in the new ‘darkness,’ everything remains shaped—as would be a shadow—by the structures and forms of life that electrification made possible, including the forms by which it subsumed prior modes of existence.  This lecture explores such a situation in the de-industrializing spaces of South Africa’s gold economy.

Russell Sage Foundation's Special Initiative on Integrating Biology and Social Science Knowledge (BioSS)

The integration of biological and social science research is in its early years and the initial results are promising. Nevertheless, we believe it can best achieve its potential and have a positive impact if it develops through rigorous collaborative research generated by social and biological scientists.