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Preferences, Choices, and Thinking about Thinking

Being able to infer what other people might be thinking is an essential skill for successfully navigating social interactions, allowing us to explain and predict others’ behavior and helping guide our interactions with social partners. The basic beliefs people have about how others’ minds work is called “theory of mind,” and developing theory of mind skills is an important component of children’s social cognitive development.


Negotiating the Politics of Construction in Luanda, Angola

If the government would agree to move them to Kilamba (a new Chinese-built satellite city for the middle class), Miguel[1] explained that I would come back to the neighbourhood to find everyone had already voluntarily relocated. He and others were facing forced removal to a poorly built set of matchbox houses in Zango, a resettlement area on the edge of Luanda province. Having launched a protest against the removal, they were waiting for what the response to their demands would be.


Locking up juveniles may plant seeds of more crime

Incarcerating the young is often counterproductive, new research by Joseph John Doyle, PhD'02, shows.  If you’re sentenced to juvenile incarceration,” he says, “you’re twice as likely to go into adult prison by 25.” (MIT Sloan, HANDOUT)


July 17, 2013 | Mary Schmich

The Chicago Tribune



James M. Buchanan, Nobel-winning economist, dies at 93

James M. Buchanan, PhD'48, winner of the 1986 Nobel Prize in economics, recently died at 93. A leader in the public choice theory, an economic analysis of politicians' and government workers' self-interested motivation, Dr. Buchanan was one of the first to powerfully demonstrate that the application of economics to political science could predict specific tendancies of government.


Herminio Blanco is Mexico's nominee to head WTO

In December, Mexico formally nominated Herminio Blanco Mendoza, AM'75, PhD'78 (economics), for the post of director-general of the World Trade Organization. Mr. Blanco previously served as secretary of Commerce and Industry and was the chief Mexican negotiator of the North American Free Trade Agreement. A final selection for the post will be made by May.