Living Cities: Bright Spots in a Darkened Landscape, Center for Spatial Data Science Developing Human Services 360 Analytical Tool

By partnering with universities to leverage data and technology, cities have emerged as bright spots of innovation. They're leading the way in tackling today's most intractable problems.

279 mayors across the United States have committed their cities to meeting climate change goals set out in the Paris Agreement, despite the Trump administration's decision to withdraw from the accord. 200 cities recently expressed interest in being certified by What works cities in the use of data and evidence to increase government effectiveness. 400 local government leaders from 90 cities met recently at a summit on performance and innovation to share promising practices in seven key areas required for a city to be high performing and 'Equipt to Innovate'.


What do these three things have in common? They represent the bright spot in America today: our cities. Dysfunction in Washington has heightened awareness of the functionality of urban centers, but the reality is that cities have been coming together in new and extraordinary ways to innovate, solve seemingly intractable problems and help those solutions spread across the country for more than a decade. 


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