UChicago Urban Research Review profiles prominent social scientists

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The Urban Research Review profiles University of Chicago researchers whose work deepens our understanding of cities.  The latest edition of Urban Research Review spotlights three faculty members who have devoted their careers to urban education and marginalized communities.


Margaret Beale-Spencer

Marshall Field IV Professor of Urban Education, Social Sciences Division

Spencer has dedicated her career to shifting the perspective on human development to one that embraces an inclusive point of view. (Read more)

Stephen Raudenbush

Lewis-Sebring Distinguished Service Professor, Social Sciences Division and the Harris School


The Civil Rights movement heavily influenced Raudenbush as he grew up in the late 1950s and ‘60s, particularly how it impacted school segregation. (Read more)

Sarah Rae Stoelinga, AB'95, AM'01, PhD'04 (Sociology)

Sara Liston Spurlark Director, The Urban Education Institute


As the Sara Liston Spurlark Director of UEI, Stoelinga oversees the development of teachers, rigorous applied research, operation of schools and the distribution of models to improve schools nationally. (Read more)


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