Successful Pathways from School to Work Research Initiative

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The University of Chicago Committee on Education Milgrom Family Support Group

Division of the Social Sciences March 2014

The Committee on Education at the University of Chicago and the Hymen Milgrom family announce a new research initiative, Successful Pathways from School to Work. The initiative will provide funding for doctoral students up to $25,000/year for one- or two-year projects that focus on urban education. The COE and the Hyman Milgrom Supporting Organization call for letters of interest from Ph.D. students in the Division of the Social Sciences, the Harris School of Public Policy, and the School of Social Service Administration. The deadline for submission of an LOI, along with a letter of support from a faculty member, is April 1, 2014.

The Committee on Education consists of faculty drawn from across the entire university, whose primary interest is in education and learning ( The Committee enables scholars and practitioners to engage fundamental questions in urban education from powerful interdisciplinary approaches: how do children learn, how can instruction promote learning, how does school organization support instruction, how does the political economy of school systems affect their productivity in teaching children. In association with the Committee on Education, the family of Hymen Milgrom, in honor of Mr. Milgrom’s deep interest in improving urban education, is funding an initiative to support research on education in Chicago and other large urban centers. The intent of the Milgrom initiative is to develop knowledge and approaches that will help schools become more effective in fostering the skills, dispositions, and experiences that are essential for success in the modern labor market. The Milgrom family and the Committee on Education have established the Hyman Milgrom Supporting Organization (HMSO) to carry out the missions of Successful Pathways from School to Work, and have issued a Request for Proposal, included with this announcement.

The letters of interest, due no later than April 1, 2014, cannot exceed 700 words, and must include the following headings in order:

  1. SpecificResearchQuestion(s)

  2. Rationale and Significance

  3. Data

  4. Personnel

  5. Time Schedule

  6. Approximate Total Budget

LOI must be submitted by email to:

All doctoral students in the Social Sciences are eligible. The Support Group will invite formal proposals from those students whose LOI shows a high promise in advancing the aims of the overall research project as described in the RFP.

The Committee on Education will host an information session on the Pathways initiative before the Spring interim. Time and place for the session will be announced in a separate announcement.

Please contact Lisa Rosen (, or phone 7730834-7561), with any questions about Successful Pathways from School to Work.