Michael Albertus wins Luebbert Award for Best Comparative Politics Book

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Michael Albertus, assistant professor in Political Science, is the winner of the Gregory Luebbert Award for best book in Comparative Politics for Autocracy and Redistribution: The Politics of Land Reform (2015). The Luebbert Award, named in memory of Gregory M. Luebbert, is awarded by the American Political Science Association and considers books from the two years prior to its granting.

Albertus's book delves into literature dating back to Aristotle to challenge the held belief that land redistribution takes place predominantly under democratic governance. Through a comprehensive historical analysis, Albertus shows that land redistribution -- proven to be the most consequential form of redistribution -- occurs more often under dictatorship than under democracy.

In addition to winning the Luebbert Best Book Award, Autocracy and Redistribution has garnered substantial praise: 

"Albertus' book is a must-read for understanding distributive politics in Latin America and beyond. Albertus provides a crucial contribution to the discipline by focusing on the political incentives leading to redistribution under different types of political regime. Based on an impressive study of land reforms, he provides a novel theory for understanding land redistribution and the different conditions that led to land renegotiation and colonization. This shift to the incentives of elites and their institutional possibilities provides a crucial contribution to the literature on democracy and redistribution. He finds support for his theory using an impressive dataset of cross-national evidence combined with in-depth longitudinal analyses of Peru and Venezuela. Without doubt, this book will become a reference in comparative studies of development and distributive politics more generally." - M. Victoria Murillo, Columbia University

Please join us in congratulating Michael Albertus for this achievement!

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