Call for MA Student Applicants for Graduate Council Leadership

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The Division of the Social Sciences is seeking Masters students to help represent the division on the Student Government Graduate Council.  


Through a Student Executive Committee (SEC) established by the Division, two representatives from among its full membership will be appointed to the Graduate Council. The SEC serves to express the will of Social Sciences graduate students with respect to issues and concerns brought before Graduate Council. The SEC is composed of two masters students and five doctoral students from the division. The committee meets regularly to discuss and determine the positions that the representatives will take on matters before Graduate Council. The doctoral student members of SEC were selected last year. Those members will choose the 2 masters program student members for this year from interested applicants. 


The Graduate Council represents graduate students across campus in student government affairs. It constitutes a significant student voice in the university's community and a primary channel by which students may influence important matters such as housing, mental health programs, transportation and safety, etc.: The university's leadership often consults with Graduate Council. GC also disburses a major portion of funds from the Student Life fee, upwards of $500,000. The Division of the Social Sciences holds two seats on Graduate Council. Vigorous participation in the work of GC enables Social Sciences students to exercise significant influence and to ensure proportional use of student funds. 


Current MA students interested in this opportunity to affect important policy and practices may access and submit a brief application here. The solicitation closes Wednesday, October 24.