“Diversity vastly expands the kinds of questions we ask”

Since its founding in 1890, the University of Chicago has been continuously integrated with respect to gender, race, and religion, admitting African American men and women already in its first class. By 1943 the University of Chicago had awarded at least forty-five PhDs to African Americans, more than any other university in the world. The intellectual work of these alumni shaped fields as diverse as sociology and cell biology, constructed new fields like African American history and literature, provided leadership at institutions like Howard University, Tuskegee Institute, and Morehouse College, and drove policy changes on pressing issues like lynching.

Our commitment to diversity has only grown stronger in the 21st Century. Under the leadership of then Dean, John Mark Hansen, in 2005 the Division the Social Sciences launched a new initiative to support students of color in graduate programs and to increase the number of under-represented minorities in faculty positions in higher education. Building on a collaboration with six other institutions and a dedicated SBE task force, the Division has has been steadily increasing the number of underrepresented students, year after year.

The Division of the Social Sciences is committed to the recruitment and retention of students of color in social science disciplines, and their subsequent movement into the professoriate.

Award Winning Home for LGBT Students

The University of Chicago has been recognized as one of the most welcoming and friendly campuses in the nation for LGBTQ students.

The University’s Office of LGBTQ Student Life recently participated in the LGBT-Friendly Campus Climate Index and has received a 5 Star rating, the highest rating on the Index.

The University is the first Chicago-area institution to receive the 5 Star rating.

A Diverse University

The University’s commitment to diversity extends from its academic practices and policies to its commitment to purchasing from firms owned by women and minorities in the community.

Located on the South Side of Chicago, the University has a diverse workforce in one of the most diverse communities in the world.

You may also visit the University of Chicago Diversity for more information on diversity at the University of Chicago.