Fall Quarter Virtual Communities

Finding opportunities to engage with one another through creative uses of technology is essential. Doctoral students are encouraged to explore the opportunities below. Masters students can pursue a range of academic and student life activities organized through their program.

SSD Slack

Slack, a workplace instant communication tool, functions as a virtual online meeting space. SSD Slack is a place for all students to connect virtually, and there will be channels for each discipline. Interested students and groups can also form their own channels.

Virtual Writing Lounges

Virtual writing lounges will be spaces for students to come together on Zoom and write, and will be facilitated through SSD Slack. View (or create your own) writing lounges within Slack. 

Virtual Accountability Groups (Winter Quarter)

Virtual Accountability Groups will convene in Winter Quarter and focus on helping doctoral students effectively develop a strategic plan and achieve goals. As one benefit of operating in a virtual space, the typical physical barriers of departments and buildings do not apply, and this opportunity will forge new connections across the Division.

Participating students will be assigned to a small group of individuals across departments who share related interests. Groups will meet once a week on Zoom to provide each other with support and accountability for your research, writing, and personal goals. If you wish to join in a Virtual Accountability Group, please contact Chaevia Clendinen, Assistant Dean.