Faculty Awards

“Chicago seemed like the Tiber River—violent rapids, churning, exciting, adventurous, and bubbling over with ideas. I felt as though I had come alive intellectually . . . . It was just one great intellectual high.” —David Easton

Chicago Schools

Diverse in interests, methodologies, theories, and politics, faculty and students at Chicago are unified in their intensity of intellectual commitment, in their attempt to combine rigorous inquiry with mutual intellectual respect, and in their aspiration to continuously reimagine frameworks for social inquiry.


SSD Departments edit and produce leading journals in economics, history, and sociology, including the Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Modern History, and the American Journal of Sociology.

Social Impact

“When I look at the real world, I want it to be messy. I want there to be many, many variables that we don’t observe and I want those variables to frustrate inference. The reason why the field experiments are so valuable is because you randomize people into treatment and control, and those unobservable variables are then balanced...” —John List