The University of Chicago
Social Sciences, Suite 110
1126 East 59th Street
Chicago, Illinois  60637

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Amanda Woodward

Interim Dean of the Division of the Social Sciences

SSRB 110 (773) 702-8799

Tamara L. Smith

Executive Assistant to the Dean

1126 East 59th Street, Suite 110 Chicago, IL 60637 (773) 795-2572

Mark Bradley

Deputy Dean; Bernadotte E. Schmitt Professor Department of History and the College

Social Sciences Research Building, Suite 110 (773) 702-3558

Kathleen A. Cagney

Deputy Dean; Professor

SSRB 110 (773) 702-8799

Joshua Beck

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Capital Planning

Social Science Research Building, Suite 110 (773) 834-3156

Cate Goebel

Associate Dean, Research and Strategic Initiatives

SSRB 110 (773) 834-2392

Lisa Williams

Associate Dean, Finance and Administration

(773) 795-2554

Chad Cyrenne

Managing Director of MA Programs in the Social Sciences

Pick 302 (773) 702-5885

Blake Davis

Managing Director of Development; Division of the Social Sciences, Becker Friedman Institute, and Energy Policy Institute of Chicago

(773) 702-7175

Elizabeth Braun

Executive Director for Strategic Communications

(773) 702-2612

Thomas Gaulkin

Director of News and Online Content

Pick 122 (773) 702-1743

Christina Klespies

Director of Human Resources

1155 E. 60th St., #412 (773) 702-2390

James Licklider

Director, Research and Business Administration at the Institute for Mind and Biology

BPSB 123 (773) 702-6733

June Hou

Senior Associate Director of Research Development

(773) 702-5167

Sarah Niemann

Senior Assistant Director, Social Science Research Center

(773) 834-4433

Shikha Evans

Grants Specialist, Social Science Research Center

(773) 834-8203

Katie Kaftanich

Manager, Academic Appointments

Social Science Research Building, Suite 110 (773) 795-2548

Rohit Rijhsinghani

Manager, Business Data Analytics

Social Sciences Research Building, Suite 110 (773) 834-1331

Darlene Long

Team Support Specialist

(773) 702-8799

SSD Computing Services

Mike Zachar

Director of Computing Services

1155 E. 60th St (773) 795-5921

Local Business Center

Dean Clason

Supervisor, Local Business Center

1155 E. 60th St. (773) 834-8212

Jenny Adams

Business Manager, Local Business Center

1155 E. 60th Street (773) 834-4145

Cristina Grados

Business Manager, Local Business Center

1155 E. 60th St. (773) 834-8213

Katherine Hamaguchi

Operations Assistant, Local Business Center

1155 E. 60th St. (773) 834-8202

Sharonda Lewis

Business Manager, Local Business Center

1155 E. 60th St. (773) 834-8211

Penny Pivoriunas

Procurement Specialist, Local Business Center

1155 E. 60th St. (773) 834-8201

Office of the Dean of Students

The University of Chicago
Foster 107
1130 E. 59th Street,
Chicago, Illinois 60637

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Patrick Hall

Dean of Students

(773) 702-8414

Kelly Therese Pollock

Associate Dean of Students

Foster 102 (773) 795-3238

Brett Baker

Assistant Dean of Students

Foster 106 (773) 702-8414

Academic Leadership

Elisabeth S. Clemens

William Rainey Harper Professor, Department of Sociology and the College; Master, Social Sciences Collegiate Division; Deputy Dean, Social Sciences Division; Associate Dean, College

Social Sciences 323 (773) 834-4746

Chad Cyrenne

Managing Director of MA Programs in the Social Sciences

Pick 302 (773) 702-5885

William Howell

Sydney Stein Professor in American Politics, Department of Political Science, the College, and the Harris School of Public Policy; Chair, Department of Political Science

1155 East 60th Street, Suite 149; Pick 417 (312) 550-3767

Adrian D.S. Johns

Allan Grant Maclear Professor, Department of History and the College; Chair, Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science (CHSS)

(773) 702-2334

Karin Knorr Cetina

George Wells Beadle Distinguished Service Professor; Chair, Department of Sociology

Social Science 424 (773) 702-4333

Emilio Kourí

Professor of History, Romance Languages and Literatures, and the College; Chair, Department of History

Social Science 504 (773) 834-4769

Susan Cohen Levine

Rebecca Anne Boylan Professor in Education and Society; Chair, Department of Psychology

Green Hall, 401 (773) 702-8844

John List

Chairman of the Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics (at Chicago since 2005). The Kenneth C. Griffin Distinguished Service Professor in Economics and the College.

(773) 702-2417

William Mazzarella

Neukom Family Professor of Anthropology and of Social Sciences in the College; Chair of the Department of Anthropology

Haskell 213 (773) 834-4873

Robert B. Pippin

Evelyn Stefansson Nef Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Philosophy and the College; Chair, John U. Nef Committee on Social Thought

(773) 702-5453

Margaret B. Spencer

Marshall Field IV Professor of Urban Education; Chair, Department of Comparative Human Development

Paul Staniland

Associate Professor; Chair, Committee on International Relations

Pick 528 (773) 702-2370