Social Sciences Division In-Residence Aid

Divisional fellowships are awarded as part of the admissions process, and deployed upon matriculation. They are contingent on good progress and are reviewed and renewed annually over the period of the fellowship. The Division also matriculates a few international students who have full support from an external agency for multiple years. If the external support covers fewer than four years, the student may also be considered for limited Divisional support, depending on performance and available funding.

Application for Financial Aid for In-Residence Students

In January each year, eligible in-residence students submit an Application for Financial Aid for In-Residence Students to the Dean of Students. The application is available online, from Department Administrators, and Foster 107. The Dean of Students and the Departments work together using these Applications in the annual review process to determine on-going eligibility and any conditions that attach to renewal of the fellowship. In June the Dean of Students issues formal letters of award for the upcoming year. It is particularly important for students to insure that grades are posted to their transcripts by the time of annual review, and to keep their mailing address current in cMore.

Divisional Fellowship Terms

The terms of all Divisional fellowships require students to inform the Dean of Students of any additional fellowship support they may receive, from both internal or external sources. The Division combines additional awards that do not require the student to be away from campus with the Divisional fellowship. Large stipends from external fellowships, such as NSF or Javits, will replace the Divisional stipend. Smaller stipends will be combined with the Divisional award so that the combination is larger than either award alone.

When students win fellowships that require them to be abroad or at a significant distance from campus, such as Fulbright dissertation research fellowships or awards that fund a year of in-country language acquisition, the Division will reserve the Divisional fellowship, to be used upon return to campus. The student normally registers in pro forma status and pays the low pro forma tuition from the external fellowship support. Students who must be away from campus to conduct research, or who have an opportunity to study language in-country, but who have only the Divisional fellowship, may apply to register in pro forma status and to use the annual Divisional stipend while reserving the tuition portion of the fellowship.