Richard Saller Dissertation Prize

The Saller Dissertation Prize recognizes the most outstanding dissertation of the year. It is awarded annually through the work of a multidisciplinary faculty committee. 


The award is named for Richard P. Saller, the tenth Provost of the University of Chicago (2002-2006) and former Dean of the Division of the Social Sciences (1994-2002). Professor Saller joined the University of Chicago as an Associate Professor of Anthropology in 1984. He was awarded the Quantrell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in 1992 and was named the Edward L. Ryerson Distinguished Service Professor. He left UChicago in 2007 for Stanford University where continues to serve as Dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois in 1974 and his Ph.D. from Cambridge University in 1978.


Academic Year Last Name First Name Dissertation Title Department
1986-87 Smiley Patricia Ann The Development of the Concept of Person: The Young Child's View of the Other in Action and in Interaction Education
1987-88 Lucy John Grammatical Categories and Cognitive Processes: An Historical, Theoretical, and Empirical Re-Evaluation of the Linguistic Relativity Hypothesis Behavioral Sciences
1988-89 Einhorn Robin L. Before the Machine: Municipal Government in Chicago, 1883-1872 History
1989-90 Roth John From Confessionalism to Regional Patriotism: Popular Piety and the Emergence of a New Political Culture in the Palatinate, 1740-1832 History
1990-91 Cameron Craig American Samurai: The Influence of Myth and Imagination on the Conduct of Battle in the First Marine Division During the Pacific War History
1991-92 Juhn Chinhui Decline of Male Labor Market Participation: the Role of Declining Market Opportunities Economics
1992-93 Lamb Sarah Growing in the Net of Maya: Persons, Gender, and Life Processes in a Bengali Society Anthropology
1993-94 Kalyvas Stathis Religious Mobilization and Party Formation: Confessional Parties and the Christian-Democratic Phenomenon Political Science
1994-95 Fried Charles G. Heidegger's Polemos: From Being to Politics Social Thought
1995-96 Horton Carol Race, Liberalism, and American Political Culture: Politics and Ideology in the U.S., 1865-1980 Political Science
1996-97 McFarland-Icke Bronwyn R. Moral Consciousness and the Politics of Exclusion: Nursing in German Psychiatry, 1918-1945 History
1997-98 Browning Christopher R. Trauma and Transition: a Life Course Perspective on the Long-Term Effects of Early Sexual Experiences Sociology
1998-99 King Charles The Living and the Dead: Ancient Roman Conceptions of the Afterlife History
1999-00 Bjork James E. Neither German nor Pole: Catholicism and National Ambivalence in Upper Silesia: 1890-1914 History
2000-01 Prasad Monica The Politics of Free Markets: the Rise of Neoliberal Economic Policy in Britain, France, and the United States Sociology
2001-02 Forman-Barzilai Fonna Adam Smith and the Circles of Sympathy Political Science
2002-03 Wilson Mark The Business of Civil War: Military Enterprise, the State, and Political Economy in the United States, 1850-1880 History
2003-04 Brantz Dorothee Slaughter in the City: The Establishment of Public Abattoirs in Paris and Berlin, 1780-1914 History
2004-05 Simmons Dana Minimal Frenchmen: Science and the Standards of Living, 1840-1960 History
2005-06 Shintel Hadas Analog Acoustic Expression in Speech Psychology
2006-07 Hawkins Cameron Work in the City: Roman Artisans and the Urban Economy History
2007-08 Halsey Stephen European Imperialism and the Evolution of Chinese Statecraft, 1850-1927 History
2008-09 Mojola Sanyu Dangerous Transitions: Exploring the Gendered Disparity in HIV Rates among African Youth Sociology
2009-10 Hankins Joseph Working Through Skin: Making Leather, Making a Multicultural Japan Anthropology
2010-11 Harkness Nicholas The Voices of Seoul: Sound, Body, and Christianity in South Korea Anthropology
2011-12 Chumley Lily Self-styling: Practicing creativity and remaking aesthetics in post-socialist China Anthropology
2012-13 Schuster Caroline Social Collateral: Microcredit Development and the Politics of Interdependency in Paraguay Anthropology
2013-14 Blanchette Alexander Conceiving Porkopolis: The Production of Life on the American "Factory" Farm Anthropology
2014-15 Obert Jonathan Six Guns and State Formation: The Co-Evolution of Public and Private Violence in American Political Development Political Science
2015-16 Howard Lauren The Development of Memory in the Context of Human Action Psychology
2016-17 Geraghty Mark Genocide Ideology, Nation-building, Counter-revolution: Specters of the Rwandan Nation-State Anthropology
2017-18 Mackinnon Emma Stone Imperial Promises: The Contested Politics of Human Rights in the Twentieth Century Political Science
2018-19 Mannix Liam The Catholic Agricultural Enlightenment in France History