Gray Fellowship

A generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation enabled the University to establish The Hanna Holborn Gray Fellowship in Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences in 2005–06. The fellowship honors Mrs. Gray, president emeritus of the University, and is given in recognition of her dedicated efforts to improve and sustain graduate education at the University and beyond and of her own notable achievements as a scholar. The fellowship is designated to support the very best PhD students in the second half of their graduate studies at the University. The award provides support for a period of two years. One fellowship is awarded each year in the Division of the Humanities and one in the Division of the Social Sciences. The fellowship provides full tuition, a stipend of $30,000 per year, required fees, and University student health insurance on the Basic plan.


The Gray Fellowship is meant to support students in both the penultimate and final phases of graduate study, beginning in the period when the dissertation proposal is approved and carrying through the time of write-up and final completion of the dissertation. As with divisional dissertation-year fellowships (Harper, Mellon), students holding Gray Fellowships will be ineligible for subsequent funding through the University upon completion of the award. The Gray award will replace any current Divisional fellowship.


Each department nominates one student who is currently in the fourth year of study. Fourth-year students in all doctoral programs in Social Sciences are eligible except for Economics and Psychology, which the Mellon Foundation does not consider humanistic social science disciplines. Applicants do not have to be admitted to candidacy at the time of nomination; however, admission to candidacy is a requirement to start the award. To hold the award, a nominee must be admitted to candidacy by the end of Summer Quarter of the fourth year. If the student does not meet this requirement, the fellowship will be awarded to an alternate. An approved dissertation proposal is not required, but nominees are asked to submit a general essay on the topic area proposed for the dissertation.


Departmental nominations are due in the Dean of Students office in early April. The Deans of Students announce winners of the Gray Fellowship in June.