Candidacy and Defense

Students are admitted to candidacy once they have completed all course requirements, language requirements, preliminary exams, other program requirements, and have successfully proposed a dissertation project.

Admission to candidacy is recorded on the official transcript, with the date of admission to candidacy.

A student’s residence status does not change once they are admitted to candidacy. A student enters Advanced Residence at the beginning of their 5th year, and Extended Residence at the beginning of their 13th year, whether they have been admitted to candidacy or not.  (Extended Residence is being eliminated after Spring 2013.  Students who would have otherwise registered in Extended Residence in Summer 2013 and beyond will no longer register.)

Students should contact their department to schedule their dissertation defense.

Individual departments may set dissertation submission deadlines.  Please contact your department for information regarding these deadlines. 

Additional information can be found on the Dissertation Office website.